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How can I advertise on

We only accept listing from property agents or property developers.

If you are a property owner and wish to advertise a property on our site, we suggest that you contact a property agent that you are already familiar with to list your property on You may also find a comprehensive list of property agents by clicking You can find a property agent in the area closest to where your property is located.

Does receive any commission?

No, we do not charge nor receive any commission. We are not a property agent. We provide a property website where property agents and developers can advertise their property listings. We charge a fixed fee to each property agent to list their properties for sale or rent.

How can I find a property in a particular area?

Click on the right tab “house”, “Apartment”, “Ruko & Commercial”, “Land”, “Real Estate” and “Bali Villas”.
Click on the map to select area, a search page will appear.
On the search page you can define your own search criteria. You can also use the advance search function to further filter your search criteria.
You may include 3 areas and with the option to include properties in the surrounding areas.
Click on the search button to begin your search and your search result will appear on the following screen.
Alternatively, you can also type the name of the area in Quicksearch to see if there are some listing in that area.


How can I search for a property agent?

Click on the left menu “find property agent”, choose the first letter of the name and then choose the following:

  • name of the property agent

  • property agent's office name

  • city name

Click search button. The search result for a property agent will appear on the following screen. Alternatively, you can search by typing in the keyword, then choose name of the property agent or office name or city name. Then, click the search button.

I have already found the property that I am looking for. How can I view the property?

You can call the property agent or you can fill out the email inquiry form. Be sure to fill out the inquiry from with your name, email address and phone number.

In the event that you receive no reply from the property agent, please contact us at or by phone to (61-21) 798-9222 (during office hours only 09.00 – 18.00 GMT+7 Monday to Friday) and we will assist you in contacting the property agent.

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