Rp. 53.740.000 / month

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Branz - 3 Bedrooms for Sell

Apartment Specification
1. Foundation : Reinforced concrete pile
2. Upper Structure : Reinforced concrete structure
3. Wall finish:
A. Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom: Plaster with paint finish
B. Bathroom: Porcelain tile
C. Service Area, Maid Bedroom: Plaster with paint finish
4. Floor finish :
A. Living Room, Dining Room: Marble
B. Bedrooms: Wood vinyl flooring
C. Bathroom (TOTO): Porcelain Tile
D. Service Area, Maid Bedroom: Ceramic tile
5. Ceiling : Ceiling board with paint finish
6. Kitchen :
A. Appliances: Kitchen stove range hood (Franke)
B. Water: Purifier (Toclas)
C. Counter Top: Granite
7. Wardrobe : Built-in on Main Bedrooms (without Walk-through Closet)
8. Doors : Main door - Solid engineered wood door with PVC finish
9. AC : Wall-mounted Type

Property Information


Rp. 50,186,404