Rp 8,5 Billion

Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan

Seen 49x
Rp 8,5 Billion
Installment: 60 Millions per month

Anandamaya Residence The Location is very strategic, comfortable, clean and exclusive

Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan
  • 2
  • 2
  • LS : -
  • BS : 148 m²

Property Information

Lagoon pool
Fitness & spa (below)
Tennis court
Jogging track
Gazebo area, tranquil garden
Children indoor / outdoor area
50 m swimming pool, children pool
Indoor pool
Serenity garden
Indoor badminton

Additional Info:
Apartment Anandamaya Residence is the newest and most luxurious residence that stands firmly on Jalan Sudirman, which is the location of the most prestigious business center in Jakarta and even Indonesia and also This The most greatest facilities with a very high class standard which stands close to the Astra Office which is also the best office for now
Apartment anandamaya residence Also adjacent to the largest business office office so that the apartment is very easy to reach so it does not waste time on the road which is certainly the right choice for a place to stay
Location Close to shopping centers, namely: only 5 minutes to Plaza Indonesia The most luxurious shopping center in Jakarta and also Grand Indonesia which is equipped with so many needs that are needed from restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and also the leading entertainment centers and the best for relax after you finish doing activities
Kolam Renang
Jogging Track
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Rp. 56,877,925

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