Gapura Prima

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The Bellezza Permata Hijau Jl. Arteri Soepeno No. 34, Jakarta Selatan

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62-21 5366 8360

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Gapura Prima

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PT Perdana Gapuraprima (“the owners of the Company”) was originally established under the name of PT Perdana Gapura Mas based on Notarial Deed Chufran Hamal, S.H., No. 99, dated May 21, 1987. The name of the owners of the Company changed from PT Perdana Gapura Mas to PT Perdana Gapuraprima based on Notarial Deed Esther Mercia Sulaiman, S.H., No. 33, dated March 1, 1999. Gapuraprima is a property development company that has a portfolio of residential and commercial development projects for the upper middle market segment. The Company’s current business activities are more focused on the development and investment of property businesses. Gapuraprima group is one of the major national property developers. The Company has undergone a transformation into a company with more diverse property projects. Not only residential landed houses, but also developing mixed use projects and high rise buildings inside and outside Jakarta. The group has completed more than 30 property projects in the last two decades. The property portfolio includes housing, apartments, offices, malls, recreation and hotels (serviced apartment). All these are successfully distributed well into the consumers with a high level of satisfaction. The Company has succeeded through two crises, which are in 1998 and 2009. In the early 2000s, Gapuraprima continues to develop products such as for the upper middle class by building apartments, Offices and Mall in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta. The Company will always adapt in the midst of the rapid development of the era by making innovations and new breakthroughs in order to always survive and be at the forefront. In addition, the corporate culture values that simple and rooted are always cultivated to each individual. The Company is also very concerned with the living and social environments. This is evidenced by the application of green living concept into the Company’s projects. The application of corporate concern to the environment is also reflected in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities that are routinely implemented.