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    Our Advertising Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) set out our standard terms and conditions for advertising products and services we supply to advertisers on our website, (“Website”).
    Every advertiser and advertising agency (“You”) who submits a signed purchase order in the required form (“Purchase Order”) for advertising on the Website operated by PT Web Marketing Indonesia (“Us”) agrees to these Terms and Conditions. Your Purchase Order and these Terms and Conditions form the basis of the agreement between You and Us for the provision of the advertising ordered by You. In addition, you are bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For APIs and widgets the additional terms of use at this link also apply.
  1. Photos uploaded are photos of the property, at least 1 (one) with a good picture quality, clear and not broken or opaque. For more information on photography, please visit Photography Tutorial.
  2. Photos uploaded are actual photos of the property, being offered or marketed or sold or leased. Except for home store (Ruko), home office (Rukan), apartment / condominium, offices, town houses, is allowed to upload photos of buildings and / or displays of buildings around them. Given the requirement that a registered user or property agent or seller be required to provide listing information / which parts are sold in the description section of the property.
  3. Photos that have been uploaded are only allowed to do any changes or editing or adding a company logo. Except the company logo, it is not allowed to add any form of changes to the photo such as framed, addressed, blog, phone, other website, or agent’s name. Unless the banner or signpost is already merged with the property.
  4. It is not allowed to upload any primary project or project developer listings without written consent from
  5. Multiple photos thumbnail images in one photo file is not allowed.
  6. The quoted price is a realistic or reasonable price (not mortgage price, price/m2, or credit take over price).
  7. Listings must be placed in accordance with existing categories (for example: sold, rented, apartments, houses, warehouses)
  8. Listings tagline and listing descriptions are not allowed to include names, phone numbers, email addresses and website / blog / forum links, and so on. The user’s registered contact details or property or seller agent (name, phone number, office name, email address and website address) are automatically displayed on every ad.
  9. Each account is not allowed to upload more than one listing for the same property. If a registered user or property agent or seller wants to upload (re-upload) a listing for the same property, a registered user or property agent or seller must delete the previous listing for the same property.
  10. The same property listing is not allowed to be re-uploaded with a different location / area
  11. If the listing is deemed to have violated the above rules, then has the right to take necessary actions including but not limited to taking down listings, account suspension, and refusing to re-register the agent
  12. Account and product activation services are carried out every Monday-Friday from 09.00 to 17.30 GMT+7
  13. The uploaded listing will be online for 180 (one hundred and eighty) days starting from the date the listing is uploaded. Listing will automatically offline after this time period and the property agent or seller can refresh the listing repeatedly as long as the account is still active
  14. Users who have purchased Silver+, Gold and Platinum membership package in will have their listings online in both and 
  15. The total active listings per user is according to the packages the users have purchased and listing will only be online if the membership is active. If membership is not active, then all listings will be automatically offline until the registered user or property agent or seller has renewed their membership
  16. When the total listings that users wanted to activate is above the total active listings they have purchased, the users must upgrade the membership package according to the total active listings they would like to have by contacting us 
  17. Listing transfer from one registered user (username) to another registered user (username) is not permitted, unless the username is a member of the same agent’s office and both parties declare approval via email
  18. It is not allowed to include text and / or photos containing Ethnic, Religious, Race and Interfaith elements, pornography or other content that has the potential to generate polemics or legal issues. Listing will remain online under ‘iklan terjual / sold listing’ section even if it is already have sold or rented sticker
  19. Listing will remain online under ‘iklan terjual / sold listing’ section even if it is already have sold or rented sticker
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